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Jan 28, 2013 8:30pm EST
on their own participation in the system. an example of that is waiving co-pays for diabetics who take their medications. so those have a lot of momentum and i think you will see a lot and some of them are controversial. again i'm not going to take that on today because i want to get to two points which is employers are also very interested in the delivery system. what i have talked about so far as the employer benefit design by the employee. high deductible plans in value-based insurance but we obviously understand that no one is ever going to be healthy enough to not need to go to the doctors hospitals and drugstore so what happens in the delivery system is important. the same principles apply about those market forces. so there's a big move to show the kind of crisis that you see which happens to be in schenectady that actually was derived believe it or not by a group calling doctors offices and calling different kind of providers of the services to see this gigantic variation in price for something as simple as a sore throat. i showed this because we know that we are not going
Jan 29, 2013 8:00pm EST
who has a history with diabetes has never seen the doc are. don't know they can get care. a lot of it is enrollment into understanding both cultural issues as well as being able to get them into care. >> let me switch in touch on port issuing terms of how we determine reimbursement rates for the physician. that is the rock which i think probably is not a household word throughout america and it is an organization which plays an enormously important role in determining how much specialist would like, how much primary care physicians would like. we have an organization kind of loaded top-heavy with people in the specialties in terms of representing primary care physicians. is this an important issue? >> when we talk globally about the area of inequity and how we get a handle. medicare is the largest single payer and many private payers pay off in a variety of ways, managing the medicare conundrum around the pay gap would be essential to reform and the whole system. the rocket that the center of it. it is well wired msn of it's been this way in a long time and there's a variety of app
Jan 30, 2013 8:00pm EST
. it's time we set politics aside on this issue. politics won't treat diabetes. extremism doesn't create jobs. intransigence will provide health care for those who can't afford it. [cheers and applause] .. for the program in over two decades. for that and other reasons, tonight i ask each and every member of this legislation to take the longer view. lead the way by focusing on health and welfare of our neighbors. let work together to put montana begans first and use their hard-earned cash dollars wisely. [applause] it it's that same year -- that will help montana to lead america to energy independence. with responsible dwo. our poll, with oil and gas, hydropower, biofuel, the geothermal capacity. we are creating jobs and strength. ing our rural economies. for some communities in eastern montana, the rapid growth associated with the energy boom is created immediate infrastructure challenges. that's why i'm h i've proposed creating a grant program for communities effected by oil and gas development. i ask that we're invest $15 million in providing matching funds to effective cities and tow
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3